viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Frank Sinatra - "Duets" (1993)

  1. The lady is a tramp (duet with Luther Vandross) (03:25)
  2. What now, my love (duet with Aretha Franklin) (03:15)
  3. I've got a crush on you (duet with Barbra Streisand) (03:23)
  4. Summer wind (duet with Julio Iglesias) (02:32)
  5. Come rain or come shine (duet with Gloria Estefan) (04:04)
  6. New York, New York (duet with Tony Bennett) (03:30)
  7. They can't take that away from me (duet with Natalie Cole) (03:11)
  8. You make me feel so young (duet with Charles Aznavour) (03:05)
  9. Guess I'll hang my tears out to dry / In the wee small hours of the morning (duet with Carly Simon) (03:58)
  10. I've got the world on a string (duet with Liza Minnelli) (02:19)
  11. Witchcraft (duet with Anita Baker) (03:22)
  12. I've got you under my skin (duet with Bono) (03:33)
  13. All the way / One for my baby (and one more for the road) (duet with Kenny G) (06:03)
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