domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

The Prog Collective - "The Prog Collective (Deluxe Edition)" (2012)

  1. The laws of nature (feat. Jerry Goodman, John Wetton , Tony Levin) (07:15)
  2. Over again (feat. Geoff Downes, Richard Page) (09:00)
  3. The technical divide (feat. Alan Parson, Chris Squire, Gary Green) (07:50)
  4. Social circles (feat. Annie Haslam, Peter Banks) (07:59)
  5. Buried beneath (feat. Billy Sherwood, Larry Fast, Steve Hillage) (08:08)
  6. Following the signs (feat. John Wesley, Tony Kaye) (07:24)
  7. Check point karma (feat. Colin Moulding, Rick Wakeman) (07:13)
  8. The laws of nature (instrumental version feat. Jerry Goodman, Tony Levin) (07:11)
  9. Over again (instrumental version feat. Geoff Downes) (08:06)
  10. The technical divide (instrumental version feat. Chris Squire, Gary Green) (07:48)
  11. Social circles (instrumental version feat. Peter Banks) (07:58)
  12. Buried beneath (instrumental version feat. Larry Fast, Steve Hillage) (08:08)
  13. Following the signs (instrumental version feat. John Wesley, Tony Kaye) (07:23)
  14. Check point karma (instrumental version feat. Rick Wakeman) (07:13)
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